Photos of the Current North Reading High School

Here are a few photos of the existing North Reading High School showing:

  • an infrastructure that is difficult (and expensive) to maintain,
  • inadequate teaching facilities (including outdated science laboratories), and
  • features in need of modernization.

Small Laboratory

Several of the science laboratories have significantly undersized classrooms. Current capacity of laboratory space barely meets student interest.

Small Classroom
Several classrooms are re-purposed rooms, often too small for class size.

Classroom in Garage
This classroom once housed the auto repair class. Note the overhead metal garage doors. It is currently being used as an art class but could benefit from renovation (and insulation).

Portable Classrooms
A portable building constructed in 2004, is nearing the end of its expected usefulness. As these potable structures age, maintenance becomes increasingly difficult and expensive. This building holds six classrooms.

Portable Classrooms
This photo shows the interior of one of the classrooms in the portable building.

Portable Cafeteria
The overflow cafeteria space is in a portable building that is nearing its expected useful lifetime. Repairs will become increasingly expensive.

The High School gym is serviceable but dated.

NRHS Fitness Center
This is the only fitness center for the entire high school population. The room is quite small, and the equipment has clearly seen a lot of use.

The High School Auditorium.

Repaired Tiling
The school’s maintenance department has done a good job of repairing high-traffic areas, like this entrance to a bathroom. Eventually, the entire tile surface will need to be replaced.

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