Responsibilities of the SSBC

In addition to the general Charge given to SSBC, the School Committee also gave specific Responsibilities:

1.    Review the schematic designs of the Middle and High School additions completed by Knight, Bagge and Anderson in 2002 and determine options to address the secondary educational, enrollment and facility needs.

2.    To hire an architectural firm to complete a feasibility study of alternative proposals to meet the needs of the secondary school faculties including the construction of a new high school.

3.    Secure funding to work with an architectural design firm as well as school department and town officials to complete the preliminary plans and specifications for additions, alterations and/or new construction of facilities which are consistent with the ten-year enrollment and program needs of the 6-12 secondary population.

4.    Provide the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen with periodic updates of the work of the Secondary Schools Building Committee.

5.    Work with the School Committee to place articles on future Town Meeting Warrants for the purpose of raising sufficient funds to complete both projects.

6.    Upon approval by the Town Meeting, work with the selected architectural design firm to complete the project design and submit appropriate applications for state reimbursement of all projects as appropriate.

7.    Oversee the construction phase of both the Middle and High School building projects.

8.    Work with Town and School Department officials to oversee financial aspects of both projects.

9.    Complete other tasks as required by the project.

2 Comments to "Responsibilities of the SSBC"

  1. Joe McCormack says:

    What is the status of funding the school building project? At this time are you over or under budget and has the state withdrawn any of the matching funds it had allocated to reimburse the town.

  2. NRSSBC says:

    Hi Joe,

    I encourage you to attend the Town Informational Session next Tuesday, January 29th, to hear the complete status of the project, especially regarding cost and scope.

    The state (MSBA) has not withdrawn any funding for the project, nor do we expect that it will.

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